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     Plenary Address:

  Dr. Laurie Grobman,  

    Penn State, Berks 

Announcing the

4th Annual Naylor Workshop

September 15-17, 2017


York College of Pennsylvania

More About the Naylor Workshop

By attending the Naylor Workshop, students can expect to:


  • Become part of a local network of undergraduate students from varying institutions, including experienced and new undergraduate researchers guided by mentor faculty members.


  • Conference one-on-one with writing researchers in the fields of composition, rhetoric, or writing center studies to discuss research ideas, goals, and methodologies.


  • Engage in workshops to assess the quality of research, design a research question, and learn and practice qualitative and quantitative research methods.


  • Utilize independent workshop time to construct or develop a research study.


  • Compile authentic feedback and recommendations from writing researchers and students.

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