Naylor Workshop September 25-27, 2015 











Welcome Naylor 2015 participants! This website has contact information and frequently asked questions to help you get ready for the workshop. It also has the names of your fellow participants and the list of faculty mentors and speakers: take a look and see how the mentors' research interests may align with your own. We are excited to work with you soon!


-Workshop Assistants, Sasha Yambor and David Halliwell




Undergraduate Scholars 


Kevin Baker,  York College of Pennsylvania

Nathan Bayer, Cardinal Stritch University

Crystal Conzo, Shippensburg University

Nicole Dufour, York College of Pennsylvania

Jean Gillingham, Loyola University

David C. Halliwell, York College of Pennsylvania

Dionte Harris, University of Maryland

John Kneisley, Dickinson University

Megan Knowles, Marquette University

Christian Kowalski, Elon University

Krysta Larson, Creighton University 

Rachael Martines, Loyola University

Brandi Mummert, York College of Pennsylvania

Paige Odegard, Sam Houston State University

Marian Okpali, Loyola University

Chelsea Otis, York College of Pennsylvania

Allie Remis, Millersville University of Pennsylvania

Miranda Romano, Elon University

Walter Stover, Allegheny University

Tracy Staples, Goucher College

Katie Stuller, University of Maryland

Celena Todora, North Dakota State University

Alexandra Valerio, University of Central Flordia

Sasha Yambor, York College of Pennsylvania

Kaila Young, York College of Pennsylvania












Naylor Workshop 2015 Schedule 




Faculty Mentors and Speakers