Naylor Workshop November 14-16, 2014 























Undergraduate Scholars 


John Paul Capresecco,  York College of Pennsylvania

James Gray, University of Maryland 

David C. Halliwell, York College of Pennsylvania

Dionte Harris, University of Maryland 

Lauren Hayman,  York College of Pennsylvania

Brynn Kairis, Rutgers University: Camden

Annemarie Malady, Loyola University 

Christina Patron, Loyola University 

Beckah Porter, Elon University 

Miranda Romano, Elon University 

Allison Scherer, Rutgers University: Camden

Richard Ward, York College of Pennsylvania

Sasha Yambor, York College of Pennsylvania




Naylor Workshop 2014 Schedule 




Faculty Mentors and Speakers 

"I found something I am really passionate and excited about. It gave me a new way of thinking about creating a question."             

"I feel much more confident in not only developing research questions and methods, but also presenting that research to other students, mentors, and faculty. It was so helpful and I'm so grateful to have met such wonderful people!"                

"I know exactly what I want to research and how to go about it. I also feel like I gained several allies in my search."                                

"The experience of interacting with all of the awesome people in our discipline was truly wonderful. Interacting with them in such a low stakes setting, and getting to hear and help with peers with exciting ideas--the upcoming scholars--was also amazing."

"I was able to refine my research question, which allows me to forward my research on a much better path. "